Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SEO Insights For the Blogger

by Caroline Chow

When it comes to search engine optimization, results you can get can be quite unpredictable. You'll be surprised that somebody who's been posting blogs hits the first page of search engine results after only a month while some have been doing it for a longer time without any significant results. That's because search engines can index pages in a random pattern and they won't exactly reveal any particular formula, either. However, for those who've had considerable SEO experience, there are time and tested methods that actually work, especially for bloggers who are known to be favorites of the mighty crawlers.

Anyone who strives to improve his blog's SERP ranking will probably first consider manually submitting his work to the search engines. There is quite a conflict of opinions regarding this. Some say it's not smart to do that while others believe this is, in fact, a good step. And while they continue to disagree, what they're probably missing is realizing that search engines don't really care about who's posting what. What really matters is what readers think of a blog or site and if they actually think of it well enough to put a vote of confidence in it. Thus, whether the purpose is for self-expression or to earn money blogging, it is more important for a the blogger to focus on increasing his chances of pleasing more readers and making his blog more appealing instead of personally promoting it.

Those who maintain a good number of sites are probably more likely to get good page rankings. With all the right links, a blog will surely be indexed fast, especially when it's linked to a good number of widely indexed sites as well. The problem is, few people actually have more than one well-performing site to link to. This is how article directories and other social networking sites such as Squidoo, Twitter and the link become very important. When you link up with these sites, you're enormously increasing your chances of being indexed quickly. It also helps a lot for you to submit your RSS feed to directories so both readers and crawlers are notified each time you update your content. Fresh content, of course, means better SEO performance. There's no rule that says this but search engines do like fresh content mainly because readers like fresh content as well.

When it comes to search engine optimization, patience is really the name of the game. It's easy to follow tips and advice about how to dominate search results but it's just not going to happen overnight. If you're not patient enough, you simply lose. As long as you know which tips or advice to follow and you know exactly what you're doing, there's no reason why you can't achieve your goals.

Aside from personal fulfillment, you can make money with blog posts but your knowledge needs to go beyond how to blog. There are techniques that you have to use in order actually start earning income. But, of course, the basic SEO rules will still apply.

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