Friday, July 9, 2010

Factors that Impact SEO of your Blog

by Corliss Jennica

When you first start out in blogging, you may feel like there is too much to be trained in. But you will later realize that SEO is something that needs more focus than the other aspects about your blog.

There is a lot of difference between how a novice does the web design and how a professional does it. You will realize this difference when you hire a professional web designer to build a custom web template for your blog. This is because the web traffic almost doubles in a matter of days. You can also use the services of the same designer for creating various brochures like business brochures, travel brochures, etc.

Many times people terribly play down the significance of SEO for blog sites and later pay the price. There is a lot to gain when you search engine optimize your blog. You get more new readers from outside of the blogger community, fresh marketing prospects, high click-through on ads, improved monetization choices for highly ranked posts, along with conventional press inquiries.

Many times we see that WordPress blogs are more SEO friendly. The truth is that it is not WordPress which is SEO-friendly by itself, but it is because of the various WordPress templates that are built keeping SEO basics in mind.

You will also find it easy to apply SEO basics with the WordPress style than with any other CMS. That’s why people can transfer their website to WordPress, upload a search engine optimized theme, and benefit almost immediately from good SEO.

Other matters that can impact your SEO results include the code improvements that you do. By putting posts first, the source code prioritizes your actual content and then sidebars and the additional things. The search engines prefer such arrangement. By using proper header tags, the theme gives emphasis to your titles and other vital keyword cues.

Actually, most of the main enhancements are rather simple; nevertheless their effects can be deep. This includes using a sitemap, optimizing images, using dynamic titles for pages, and directly linking to internal pages from the homepage. Although this looks like something basic, the WebPages that are directly linked to the homepage get more attention from search engines. Those webpages are likely to do quite well in search engines, if you use WordPress categories to create groups of posts and serve them in the sidebar of your personal site.

Apart from buying hosting templates, ready made blog templates, sharepoint templates, or hiring web designers, there are some other things that WordPress users can employ to perk up their rankings. Many people go for nice looking post titles, but lose traffic as they don’t understand that the search engines give a lot of importance to titles.

Another thing that fits quite well with the general blogging goals is to write regular posts focusing on a particular theme. Why you should do this regularly is because the search engines usually prefer blogs that are updated regularly. Plus you should go for a particular theme because this assists both readers and search engines and figure out quickly and accurately what the point of the post is.


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