Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Plug-ins for Boosting Wordpress Blogs

by Corliss Jennica

The main advantage that you get with wordpress blogs is the feature that allows you to use custom plug-in. These plug-in have helped in improving the functionality of Wordpress blogs. And there is plenty of custom Wordpress plug-in available for your requirements. The following are some of the top plug-in that you can use for perking up your Wordpress blog.

Adsense Manager – With this, you can supervise your AdSense referrals right from your Wordpress blog. If you are looking to make money from your blog using Adsense, then this is the plugin that you should use to add Adsense ads through widget.

All-in-One SEO Pack – This one is a pioneering and affordable seo package for your WP blog. With this, the job of doing SEO for your blog becomes a lot easier.

Highlight Author Comment – This plugin applies a distinctive style automatically to comments by the author of the post. It aids to tell apart the author’s comments amongst the comments of readers.

My Avatars – You can use this plugin to add avatars on to Wordpress comments. Although this is only an optional plugin, it can nevertheless make your blog more colorful.

Sociable – Sociable automatically add links on your blog posts to popular social bookmarking websites. These small color icons make it easy for your readers to bookmark your posts to their bookmarking websites. You get a wide range of bookmarking sites icons to put in. You can also get xp icons pack or Blog Icons to easily add a variety of icons to your blog.

Similar Posts – This plug-in can display a list of posts analogous to the present one by evaluating how words are used. This helps in taking your readers to other similar blogs.

WP-PageNavi – Pagenavi Adds a more sophisticated paging navigation to your WordPress blog. When you have a lot of aged posts, it makes it easier for your visitors or even yourself to steer around your posts.

Subscribe to Comment – With this plugin you can help readers to get updates about new comments posted to a particular entry. Thus your readers will know whenever there is any comment newly added to the blog.

These are some of the top plug-in that you can use for your WP blog. Try them out today and find out why they are so special. Almost all these plugins can be downloaded on the web for free.

Factors that Impact SEO of your Blog

by Corliss Jennica

When you first start out in blogging, you may feel like there is too much to be trained in. But you will later realize that SEO is something that needs more focus than the other aspects about your blog.

There is a lot of difference between how a novice does the web design and how a professional does it. You will realize this difference when you hire a professional web designer to build a custom web template for your blog. This is because the web traffic almost doubles in a matter of days. You can also use the services of the same designer for creating various brochures like business brochures, travel brochures, etc.

Many times people terribly play down the significance of SEO for blog sites and later pay the price. There is a lot to gain when you search engine optimize your blog. You get more new readers from outside of the blogger community, fresh marketing prospects, high click-through on ads, improved monetization choices for highly ranked posts, along with conventional press inquiries.

Many times we see that WordPress blogs are more SEO friendly. The truth is that it is not WordPress which is SEO-friendly by itself, but it is because of the various WordPress templates that are built keeping SEO basics in mind.

You will also find it easy to apply SEO basics with the WordPress style than with any other CMS. That’s why people can transfer their website to WordPress, upload a search engine optimized theme, and benefit almost immediately from good SEO.

Other matters that can impact your SEO results include the code improvements that you do. By putting posts first, the source code prioritizes your actual content and then sidebars and the additional things. The search engines prefer such arrangement. By using proper header tags, the theme gives emphasis to your titles and other vital keyword cues.

Actually, most of the main enhancements are rather simple; nevertheless their effects can be deep. This includes using a sitemap, optimizing images, using dynamic titles for pages, and directly linking to internal pages from the homepage. Although this looks like something basic, the WebPages that are directly linked to the homepage get more attention from search engines. Those webpages are likely to do quite well in search engines, if you use WordPress categories to create groups of posts and serve them in the sidebar of your personal site.

Apart from buying hosting templates, ready made blog templates, sharepoint templates, or hiring web designers, there are some other things that WordPress users can employ to perk up their rankings. Many people go for nice looking post titles, but lose traffic as they don’t understand that the search engines give a lot of importance to titles.

Another thing that fits quite well with the general blogging goals is to write regular posts focusing on a particular theme. Why you should do this regularly is because the search engines usually prefer blogs that are updated regularly. Plus you should go for a particular theme because this assists both readers and search engines and figure out quickly and accurately what the point of the post is.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Steps To Ensure Quality Traffic To a New Website, For Beginners

You know how it is. You get a great idea, you create a wonderful product or service and in order to sell this great product or service, you create a website. But you hardly make any sales because you do not get enough traffic.

Beginners often times believe that traffic will come pouring out of nowhere simply because they have a website on the Internet. Well, that was not far from the truth in 1996 when I started building websites, but it is not so today.

Back in those days, there were approximately 300,000 websites on the Internet. Nowadays, there are more than 200 millions. So you realize that you cannot simply sit and wait for traffic any longer.

Traffic generation is much more complex today, so you will forgive me if I only give you a fraction of the techniques available today. But these are simple things you can do for starters.

Have unique content on your website. When search engine spiders look into a website, it is to find fresh and new content. Fresh and high quality content is imperative if you want your website to be quickly indexed. If you are using PLR (private label right) articles, make sure that you edit them in order to avoid having the same exact content as your neighbor. Not only do you need fresh content but like I said, Quality Content. Search Engines love it and so do your potential customers.

Have good targeted keywords on your website. Your keywords must be relevant to your content. You can place them of course in the Meta Tag specific for keywords and also inside your title and description tags. If you do not know where to find those tags, look into the top of your html page. They should look like this: “<meta name="description" content="your description goes here">” and “<meta name="keywords" content="your keywords go here">”. How many keywords should you insert? Well, between 15 to 20 should be enough. You do not want to go much higher because you can be rejected for keyword spamming. Same goes for the description, Not more than 150 characters.

Your website ranking on search engines should increase if you do this. One little tip here: check your competitors keywords. Just right click on their WebPages and select: “view source”, then look to the Meta Tag “keywords”. Use a few of them in your keywords tag as well as your description tag. If they work for your competitors, they will surely work for you.

Some people think that submission to search engines and directories is irrelevant today since the web is crawled by their spiders regularly. The thing is, you will be indexed faster if you do it. Also, keep in mind that directories do not use spiders, so you must do it by hand. Having your website URL indexed means that people looking for information relating to your topic on these search engines will find your website.

There are many websites that will do that freely for you, a simple Google search will give you a vast choice. But don’t make the mistake of submitting your website to more than 2 of those free services, otherwise your mailbox will overflow with their emails. Not only that but also you will risk submitting twice or more to the same SE which is never a good idea. You will also notice that free services will submit your site to less known SE. They usually do not include Google and Yahoo unless you pay. You will have to do those 2 manually. It’s up to you. Personally, I do not pay for that. And if you are patient, the spiders will index your site soon enough.

Like I said in the beginning of this article, these are only starters. But they will get you on the road to generate a good flow of traffic. Good luck!

The author, Nathalie Audet is a self-made businesswoman. She specializes is traffic generation techniques. You will learn a lot if you join her new website.

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Occupation: Businesswoman
Nathalie Audet is a self-made businesswoman. She started as a webmaster in 1996. Nowadays, she specializes is traffic generation techniques. You will learn a lot if you join her new website.